Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sacred Vision

Colette Baron-Reid: Wisdom of the Hidden Realms 
After pulling yesterday's card, my question shifted to "On what do I need to focus for the coming week?" The Altar Priestess showed up.

From the Guidebook: "(T)he Altar Priestess brings the ritual of reverent interaction with the mundane world. You're being required now to see everything as sacred..."

My personal practice of Lent has been to re-connect and re-member that everything around me is holy, that everyone is a blessing to the world. That's not always easy. There are a variety of incidents in the world that often do not appear to me as holy ~ as a matter of fact, they feel downright horrible: war in Syria, mudslide in Northern Washington, train derailment at O'Hare Airport, 'disappearing' Malaysian flight. What of these situations is holy? What about those injured, killed or left behind? It's easy to see the holy in an opening rose, the smile of a baby, a fresh cup of coffee. It's not as easy when we know that pain is involved. I don't know how to see it any differently than it is. I continue through this week praying for the gift of sacred vision to be able to see the holy moment.

What do you see in those most difficult and challenging situations? In those moments, how do you find the holy? Is sacred vision important or relevant to you?

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  1. Sometimes I think I experience The Holy when I am in the deepest of deep despair. The "presence" is palpable. But do I have to dip so far to connect with The Holy? Can I also experience "it" when in the upper realms of pure bliss and joy? This aligns with my Lenten practice of noticing bodily pain and then how to fully embody and experience pain without "giving in."