Friday, March 7, 2014

First Friday in Lent

from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid:

The Dragon's Duel takes place at the proverbial fork in the road. It's both Ally and Challenger at once, as it represents the tension of opposites. Even though the truth is that we love in unity, we experience the duality of faith and doubt, love and fear, right and wrong, black and white. This aspect of your current experience asks you to accept that although you may be going one way, another may call to you to change direction.
Now it's the time to inquire whether it's your ego or your soul leading you. There are always choices in life. Decision making also solves inner conflict. If you're torn between two dragons, the one that you choose to feed will be the one that wins. Which is it? If it's not the one that serves the highest of your intentions, deliberately feed the other and the duel will be won in your favor.

First Friday in Lent. This is the card I draw. Have I mentioned how connected to Lent I was growing up? and even as an adult? So, yes, totally appropriate that I would draw a card that is "both Ally and Challenger at once." Isn't that what Lent itself is? An Ally in providing focus, time and space to look deeply into our being, to find the thorns that have grown there, to pull them out, and to heal. Quite the Ally that.

It is also the Challenger. In providing that focus, time and space, we have no excuse to let the thorns continue to grow. We have to face our own part in planting, watering and nuturing them. We have to carefully extricate them from their intertwined place in our hearts, our minds, our souls.

How is Lent your Ally? How is Lent your Challenger? What image, creature or being would you be facing in place of the Dragon?

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