Thursday, March 20, 2014

Whale & The World

from Animal Wisdom Tarot
In my practice for Lent 2014, I've been exploring a variety of spiritual expressions ~ many that I've used over the years, some that are new to me. The Practice for me is connecting d-a-i-l-y. It isn't always simple ~ yet it is always good.

Drawing from the Animal Wisdom Tarot, the question in my mind and heart was: What strength do I need for the day? The card I drew was Whale, the All-Encompassing.
"Whale dreams large, an expansive awareness that enables travel to other worlds and dimensions. ... Diving deep, leaping high, Whale inspires us to experience all of life - and enjoy." Its message is "Welcome home."

I certainly wasn't expecting anything suggesting completion or achieving a goal. The message surprised me. As I thought about it, I recognized that it was not necessarily saying I reached completion. Rather that this was the strength I needed. I'm willing to let it float through my day. Do I need to complete something? Or do I need to recognize that I have completed something? Or perhaps that I am complete, not broken or damaged or needy? As the day progresses, I will watch for the deeper meaning to surface for breath and bring its dreams and awareness with it.

What would this card be saying to you? What does the message of "welcome home" mean to you? How does that show up in your life today?

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