Friday, March 14, 2014

Condor in my Life...

As I was waiting for a massage, I opened a book I had recently purchased, Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals by Dr. Steven Farmer. Being a new book, it didn't exactly fall open. When I grabbed some pages and opened the book, the Spirit Animal I found was the Condor. This is what the book had to say:

Andean Condor (from Wikipedia)
In spite of the dire circumstances you find yourself in or the losses you've sustained, you'll eventually find the gifts in this experience that may not be immediately apparent. It's time to clean up the clutter or messes that you find around you. Develop new and creative solutions to those problems that you or others would prefer to ignore. You'll find that your tastes, cravings, and possibly your entire diet will soon change, so pay close attention to your body's response when you eat certain foods. You need to take all those material items that no longer serve a purpose and either recycle them or get rid of them.

I hadn't been thinking anything in particular, no question in my consciousness. My intention was to check the book out, to look for specific Spirit Animals. When I saw the page, I paused and began reading. What I read reminded me that everything happens for a reason. The Condor speaks to me. Dire circumstances? There's been stress floating through my life... sometimes taking up residence for a while. I need creative solutions to my problems ~~ and how did the book know I'd been ignoring them? What a wild synchronicity.

What better time than Lent to pay attention to food and diet! I noticed that certain things were leaving me ever so slightly uncomfortable (like one of my favorites: Trader Joe's Inner Peas!). Not overwhelmingly so or intestinal distress, simply a bit bloated. Something I wouldn't have noticed ~ except that it was Lent and I was paying attention to details I often ignore.

What new things are you noticing in your life? What changes are happening in your life right now? What animal draws you? calls to you?

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