Saturday, March 15, 2014

Writing and Silence

Today was an incredible day of retreat: meditation, silence and writing. It was offered in a beautiful space on the Washougal River. The space we used for meditation and gathering opened onto a porch that overlooked the river itself. And the river was in beautiful, burbling form. I loved having the time and the space to focus on what might move through my mind and into my pen. I found that I didn't always follow the prompts, but I wasn't far away either. I could take the time for myself, write what I want and be content.

The sound of the rapids permeated the entire outdoor experience. When we were outside, I found my feet, my spirit, my soul bounding down the stairs to the bench overlooking the rapids. I wanted the space all to myself ~ and so did every woman there! Although it would seem to be a competition, each had the opportunity to sit or walk with the river and that make the day even more wonderfully special and precious.

Silence on a writing retreat is difficult to say is truly silent. There is the time for writing and the time for sharing. There was time for movement in the breaks. Each moment, each sharing, each trip closer to the center of ME. I felt grounded, content, self-aware. I want to do those again.

Relating that to this Lenten season is simple: it's all about awareness. About being open to the call of Spirit in whatever shape and form it arrives. Growth and change and presence. All three readily available in the retreat!

What settles you in to a deeper awareness of yourself? of your surroundings? Do you write about that awareness? Do you share you those moments with others?

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