Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014
The legend of St. Patrick contains the story and image of him driving the snakes out of Ireland. Although snakes were not prevalent in Ireland when Patrick lived there, the myth remains. Many speculate about the persistence of and reasoning behind that particular element of his myth. My personal favorite: Many cultures connect snakes with the Goddess. Since a snake sheds its skin without dying, it is also considered a symbol of regeneration.

The image to the left is Eriu, the eponymous matron Goddess of Ireland, one of three Goddesses who ruled Ireland together. Eriu is considered Goddess of Sovereignty.

That particular assignation left me smiling. My blooming theme for Lent this year is related to sovereignty: autonomy, choice, responsibility. Although I didn't go in search of this Goddess ~~ or know Her story when I found Her ~~ I know She will reveal more about the reason She appeared in my life at this time. She is strong, powerful, balanced ~~ all qualities fitting my Lenten theme.

Who shows up in your life for St. Patrick's Day? What does s/he reveal to you about yourself? about your path? Who does s/he encourage you to become?

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