Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday #1

With my focus right now veing the practice of Lent, I find myself pulling wisps of wisdom from a variety of sources. For those who really know me, this is how I operate in the world. By this time in my life I've learned that almost everything is connected in some previously unknown way to everything else.

Today was an active, beautiful day. I found myself at peace with my surroundings while getting frustrated with at least one person. What frustrated me was the feeling of not being heard ~ or more specifically, not having my email read thoroughly ~ before getting upbraided. My first reaction was to feel angry.... "Who does...?" and "I already said..." and "What the...?" Fortunately, it was an email format. So I didn't respond. Well, I started to, but deleted what I wrote, knowing it was the exact wrong thing to do. I breathed and let it go. Besides, I was too busy with everything else to pay much attention to it.

Why is acknowledging that incident so important to me? Because I learned something about myself from it. I learned that I can be petty and that I can get angry over little things. Yes, I knew those things about myself. Every time I recognize and acknowledge doing those things or acting in those manners, I come closer to letting go of those behaviors. I don't have to dwell on them or put myself down for having them. Just notice ... and let go.

What actions or feelings or attitudes have you noticed in yourself? Are they helpful? How are you letting go?

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