Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What am I Giving Up?

After reading some of my recent blogs that reference Lent, a friend said, "I thought Lent was about giving up something." That made me think about what I was giving up.... and whether that's what Lent is really about.

What am I giving up? As I was growing up, it was usually food of some sort: chocolate, sweets, soda, potato chips. I tried giving up spinach one time, but Mom wouldn't let me. Notice the pattern? Giving up something that's not necessarily good for you anyway. This year I've determined to give up excuses for not writing in my blog. Or not writing period. It's easy to say (or whine) about being busy or tired or not having anything important to say or.... need I continue? I've managed to miss only one day since Ash Wednesday. The excuses are wearing thin.

Lent provides a venue for me to reflect on where I'm stuck and what I need to leverage for things to flow freely again. That's true whether I give up food of any sort or an attitude I may have or excuses keeping me from doing what is in my best interest and for my highest good.

What Lent is about is reflection and awareness, looking for new growth and greening. It's about preparing ~ for whatever comes next.

What new growth are you seeing in your life? What else would you like to see? What hampers your flow? What could you give up to improve the flow?

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