Sunday, March 16, 2014

Full Moon and Writing

Today's Full Moon in Virgo is about belonging to oneself, deciding when one wants to join in with others and when one wants to maintain autonomy. It's about knowing oneself deeply.

Spending time at a writing retreat yesterday revealed more about who I am and what I value about myself. My comfort level strong enough to opt not to follow the prompts... or to opt to follow them when they spoke to me. I've experienced many writing sessions where the leader/teacher would say, "Follow the prompt or not, as you choose. Or write about what's important to you." Sometimes, though rarely, I followed the 'not' part of that direction. Mostly, I did as instructed. [Good student type]

Yesterday's writing was about autonomy ~ total choice. Even in the midst of the group, I chose what I was doing, when I was doing it, and whether or not to share it. It felt as though I was coming into my own.

What do you do when someone you respect and have given authority gives you a direction? What if you don't feel like following that direction? [This does not apply to bosses, who have a different level of authority!] How do you decide when to join in, follow directions or remain autonomous?

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